SABA is a producer of high-quality and technically progressive adhesives and sealants. Eco-friendly adhesive for technical and industrial applications.  

Excellent price value ratio products in the well-known and proven Emfi quality. Both our solvent and polyurethane adhesives can be found in our own product range.

A wide range of special methacrylate adhesives developed for bonding composite, plastic and metal. The Crestabond range is popular worldwide among companies in the construction and vehicle industries.

Motip Dupli Group is Europe is a leading aerosol manufacturer. Products have been specially developed for the automotive, hobby and industrial uses. It covers a wide range of applications from lacquers to technical and service aerosols.  

Zettex offers both hobby and industrial products for the individual needs of different industrial areas. Innovative aerosol adhesive manufacturer, which places great emphasis on the development of specific adhesives.

Sel Sealants was established in 1991; Selsil being the main brand of the company. Today Sel Sealants is the largest manufacturer in the region and the “only” sealant company that produces and prints its own hdpe cartridges in the world

Introduction of Balker

Balker Ltd is a 100% hungarian owned company founded in 2008. Our primary aim was to collect the products of manufacturers and distributors in the Hungarian adhesive and sealant market to maximize the demand of the industrial sector.

We are mainly in contact with European factories that produce the highest quality, Ms-polymer, polyurethane, solvent, dispersion, methyl acrylate, cyanoacrylate based adhesives for a wide variety of uses. From the smallest packing to IBC tank size.

We have been continously looking  the possible next generation sealant glue materia on the world market l. After one and a half years of research and negotiation, in 2009, we launched  the products of the SABA group from the Netherlands, which has achieved remarkable results for Ms-polymer technology over 35 years.

In addition to the industrial adhesives, Motip is our leading strategic partners since 2010, offering technical sprays, putty, chassis protectors and lubricants. We offer a great selection of these products to our partners supplemented our range with industrial safety products (hand, eye, respiratory protection) and tapes ,essential for industrial safe working.

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