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Introduction of Balker

Balker Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a 100% Hungarian owned company. Our primary goal was to collect the products of manufacturers and distributors in the Hungarian adhesive and sealant market in order to best serve and fulfil the needs of the industrial sectors.
We mainly work with European factories that produce excellent quality MS Polymer, Polyurethane, solvent, dispersion, methyl acrylate and cyanoacrylate based adhesives for a wide range of applications. Packaging sizes vary from the smallest to IBC tanks.

For continuous development, along with technical and professional training, we have been looking for a product line in the world market that could be the next generation of sealants and adhesives. After one and a half years of research and negotiation, in May 2009, we launched the automotive products of the Dutch SABA Group as an exclusive importer. Saba has achieved outstanding results in MS Polymer technology for the past 35 years.
In addition to industrial adhesives – as Motip’s leading strategic partner – we have been distributing Motip technical sprays, putty, chassis guards and lubricants since 2010. We offer a huge selection of these products to our partner, complementing our range with industrial tapes and safety products (hand, eye, respiratory protection) that are essential for a safe working environment.

With the withdrawal of the well-known EMFI brand name in 2015-2016 we continued supplying these high quality products under our private Balker brand in cooperation with the same manufacturer. So the EMFI quality range is again available on the market. Our product assortment has expanded especially from polyurethane and solvent-based materials.

Over the years, we have been able to provide our partners with better wholesale prices than ever before. The minimum available quantities are per box.
We represent many other recognized brands and supply products such as Scott Bader’s Methyl Acrylate structural adhesives, Zettex’s innovative solvent-based adhesives & equipment, and Quiadsa’s MS Polymer products.

As a result of increased customer demands, we have increased our warehouse stock levels in Hungary several times.

Innovations / Cost efficiency

An innovative solution could be the STP products which are based on a new hybrid polymer technology. These are the Silyl-Terminated polymer-based, flexible, high-performance adhesives and sealants.
Its main advantages are being solvent and isocyanate-free, its environmental resistance and mechanical strength.

Responsible companies take advantage of such innovative technologies that offer new solutions to old problems, thus pushing the boundaries of development through the spread of innovative products. This may require joint effort – support from either the government or business partners.
We provide our partners with free training and presentations as well as technical support.
We wish you and your business a successful development!
Balker Team

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