Trucks, motorhomes and special vehicles

A variety of specially designed adhesives and sealants are available for manufacturing trucks and special vehicles such as ambulance, delivery vans, fire engines, trailers, security vans, refrigerated vehicles and horseboxes.
Our major suppliers have developed innovative products for these specific areas, which have been tested under appropriate conditions and relevant circumstances.
The adhesives and sealants in our assortment offer the flexibility, strength and durability needed for the bodywork and other parts of trailers, trucks and motorhomes.
They provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials including fiberglass reinforced polyester, polypropylene, powder sprayed coatings, polycarbonates, PMMA, composites, glass and metals.
Our adhesives and sealants are suitable for:
  • structural bonding of panels and roofs, and gluing chassis parts,
  • sealing and bonding windows,
  • sealing and bonding floor coverings.

MS Polymer adhesives:

Sabatack 710

Sprayable sealant adhesive

Selsil Ultra Clear

Clear sealant

Sabatack 780

Very strong, elastic sealant and adhesive

Sabatack 790

Super fast adhesive and sealant

Sabatack 750

Universal adhesive and sealant

Sabatack 760 XL

Fast, primer-free windshield adhesive


Hyper-fast adhesive

Sabatack Fast

Fast two-component adhesive

PU adhesives:

PU 40

Expansion joint filler

PU 50

General construction sealant

SabaCoat 300

Two-component floor coating

Blue Panel 50134C

One-component panel adhesive

PU 60 HV

Automotive adhesive


For industrial applications

Isolemfi 50073C

Two-component panel adhesive

DiPUR 522

Thick panel adhesive

Contact adhesives:

Sabaspray FR AV

Sprayable contact adhesive


Balker packaging - EMFI quality

MFiX BLP 722

Contact adhesive in canister

Szuper Tradifix

Extra strong adhesive

Two component structural adhesives, Primers – Cleaners, Technical Sprays:

Crestabond M1-05

Methyl acrylate structural adhesive

Crestabond M1-20

Methyl acrylate structural adhesive


For better adhesion

Technical Sprays

Technical, chemical products