Joinery and furniture industry

Our wide variety of adhesives covers the whole range of needs in the carpentry and furniture industry.
Due to the ever-expanding variety of materials available in the industry, the use of new technologies and adhesives is essential.
We provide complete solutions for bonding needs with the following types of adhesives: MS Polymer, polyurethane, solvent contact, dispersion, silicone, methyl acrylate and cyanoacrylate.
Our range includes almost everything from the smallest packaging to the largest industrial 1100 litre packaging.
Our products are suitable for the most diverse woodworking applications:
  • bonding wood,
  • furniture laminating and doubling,
  • production of decorative coverings and doors, windows.

MS Polymer adhesives:

Selsil Ultra Tack

High viscosity, perfect adhesion

Sabatack 780

Very strong, elastic sealant and adhesive


Hyper-fast adhesive

Selsil Ultra Clear

Clear sealant

PU adhesives:

Selsil PU Marine

Foaming effect, D4

Selsil Express D4

Transparent D4 adhesive

PU 50

General sealant


For industrial applications

Contact adhesives:

Sabaspray FR AV

Sprayable contact adhesive


Balker packaging - EMFI

MFiX BLP 500                

Aerosol contact adhesive

MFiX BLP 722

Contact adhesive in canister

Wood glue and structural adhesives:

Wood glue

D3 wood glue

General adhesive

For several applications

Technical sprays

Wide variety

Crestabond M1-05

Methyl acrylate structural adhesive