Construction industry

In the building industry – regardless of which sector - it is essential to install reliable adhesives. New technological applications and revolutionary designs bring along new bonding solutions and requirements. This is why continuous development and further education is essential, even in terms of adhesives.
Our company offers a wide range of adhesives and sealants used in the construction industry. We add to the ever-expanding range of materials used, such as: glass, plexiglass, polycarbonate, various plastics (PP, ABS PVC, PC), painted and coated metals, concrete, brick, Ytong, gypsum board, wood, insulating materials, cladding materials, aluminum and many more. (ez a mondat szerkesztést igényel annak függvényében, hogy magyarul mi lesz belőle).
In addition to high load capacity, our materials have various construction certificates:
  • Wheelmark,
  • ISEGA (related to HACCP),
  • DNV GL, Lloyd.
Our adhesives and sealants are suitable for:
  • civil engineering,
  • expansion joints,
  • bonding and sealing of panel elements, plates, covers,
  • sealing of air-conditioning systems and ventilation pipes,
  • sealing and insulation of facade walls,
  • insulation of flat roofs and skylights,
  • bonding cladding elements,
  • sanitary gaskets,
  • manufacturing of doors and windows.

MS Polymer adhesives:

Selsil Ultra Tack

High viscosity, perfect adhesion

Sabatack 750

Universal adhesive and sealant


Hiper-fast adhesive

Selsil Ultra Clear 

Clear sealant

Sabatack 760XL

Glass and structural adhesive

Sabatack 780

Very strong, elastic sealant and adhesive

Brik-Cen R-38

Liquid waterproof insulating material

EPDM adhesive

EPDM foil adhesive

PU adhesive:

PU 40

Expansion joint filler

PU 50

General sealant

Selsil Express D4

Transparent D4 adhesive

Selsil PU Marine

Foaming effect, D4/p>

DiPUR 522

Thick panel adhesive

DiPUR 2.C4

Structural bonding of corners

PU 60 HV

Automotive adhesive


For industrial applications

Blue Panel 50134G 

One-component panel adhesive

Isolemfi 50073C

Two-component panel adhesive

Selsil PU foams

Wide variety of PU foams

Selsil Hybrids

For every applications

Contact adhesives:

Sabaspray FR AV

Sprayable contact adhesive


Balker packaging - EMFI quality


Contact adhesive in canister


Aerosol contact adhesive

Wood glue and structural adhesives :

Wood glue

D3 wood glue

General sealants

MFiX silicon sealants

Crestabond M1-05

Two-component structural adhesive

Crestabond M1-20

Two-component structural adhesive