Since May 2009, Balker has been distributing the products of the Dutch SABA Group as an importer, which has achieved remarkable results in MS-polymer technology for 35 years.
Why Use MS Polymers?
It does not contain dangerous substances  to the environment,  and they are silicone and isocyanate free.

You can achieve excellent adhesion without primer with the most substrates.
All positive features include UV stability, dyeability, fast bonding, high viscosity stability, and long-term flexible resilience.
Newcomers often wonder why this is so important. Why is it necessary to replace old, traditional applications with new technology and why it is necessary to change to the so-called  "Green".

In the automotive industry / manufacture, the use of adhesives has been such an extent that would have been unimaginable to previous generations. The electronics industry also has an ever-growing area where they use quality adhesive and sealing material to increase quality and simplify production.

Balker Ltd wishes you successful development!