Balker has been importing and distributing the products of the Dutch SABA group since May 2009. Saba has achieved outstanding results in MS Polymer technology over the past 35 years.
Why use MS Polymer?
It does not contain any environmentally hazardous substances, it is silicone and isocyanate free.
Excellent adhesion can be achieved on most substrates without using a primer. Product benefits include UV stability, paintable, quick curing, high stability, viscosity and long term elastic resilience.
Newcomers often wonder why this is so important. Why it’s necessary to replace old, traditional applications with new technologies, and to implement “green”, that is, environmentally friendly materials.
In the automotive industry, the amount of adhesive used in production is unimaginable to previous generations. The electronics industry also has a constantly evolving area where the use of adhesives and sealants improves quality and simplifies manufacturing.