Universal adhesive

MFiX Mounting Adhesive

MFiX Mounting Adhesive is one-component mounting adhesive based on water dispersion, recommended for bonding various building materials used in finishing and repair works to absorbent surfaces as: concrete, plaster, chipboard, wood, plasterboard, gypsum.

  • fast and durable initial tack
  • product exhibits excellent adhesion to most common building and finishing materials such as polystyrene, ceramic tiles, wood, metal and plastic parts, boards and foams, mineral wool
  • solvent-free
  • neutral odour
  • non-flammable
  • flexible joint
  • moisture resistant

  • bonding thermal and acoustic insulation materials
  • bonding of decorative elements
  • bonding skirting-boards, floor panels, boards, ceramic tiles

Colour: white

Packaging: 300 ml * 12 pcs

Data sheets:


MFiX Extrém Tetőjavító

MFiX Extrém Tetőjavító is one-component, plasto-elastic sealant of wide use, curing by evaporation of solvent.

  • can be applied during rain
  • compatible with bituminous
  • excellent resistance to mould and fungus
  • good adhesion to humid surfaces
  • can be painted
  • excellent adhesion to wide range of construction substrates
  • possibility of applying on surfaces completely submerged under water
  • application temperature: between -10 °C and +40 °C

  • rapid repairs of leaks in roofs and gutters, even during pouring rain
  • sealing flanges of roof windows, chimneys and other roofing treatments
  • cold bonding of roofing foil, membranes and roofing paper
  • sealing grouts of maximum movement accommodation 10%
  • creating joints and seals in boats and at all kinds of applications requiring resistance on permanently action of water
  • sealing corrugated and trapezoidal metal sheets joints

Colour: transparent

Packaging: 280 ml * 12 pcs

Data sheets:


MFiX Fix Építési ragasztó

MFiX Fix Építési is a one-component mounting adhesive based on synthetic rubber in organic solvents. It is a universal product with broad application, that creates flexible and colourless joint. It is used for various assembly and finishing works in construction.

Colour: transparent

Technical data:

  • Yield: 150-300 g/m²
  • Open time: 10-15 min

Data sheets:


Quiadsa FIJA+PLUS Turbo

New generation, mono-component, elastic polymer adhesive (modified silane).

Excellent adhesion on: concrete, brick, wood, facing brick, natural or artificial stone, ceramic, glass, metals such as aluminium, iron, zinc, galvanized materials, etc., most thermoplastis (except polyehylene and teflon) or thermosetting plastics in general. Good adhesion on wet surfaces.

  • Bonding of galvanized sheets, ferrous or non ferrous metals, elements of caravans and trucks.
  • Bonding of panels, roof tiles, sheets, ceramic tiles, mirrors, wall lamps, moldings, object fixing.
  • Sealing of glass, grooving, roofs, tiles, PVC/construction moldings.
Colour: black, white, grey

Data sheets: