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Quiadsa FIJA+PLUS Turbo

New generation, mono-component, elastic polymer adhesive (modified silane).

Excellent adhesion on: concrete, brick, wood, facing brick, natural or artificial stone, ceramic, glass, metals such as aluminium, iron, zinc, galvanized materials, etc., most thermoplastis (except polyehylene and teflon) or thermosetting plastics in general. Good adhesion on wet surfaces.

  • Bonding of galvanized sheets, ferrous or non ferrous metals, elements of caravans and trucks.
  • Bonding of panels, roof tiles, sheets, ceramic tiles, mirrors, wall lamps, moldings, object fixing.
  • Sealing of glass, grooving, roofs, tiles, PVC/construction moldings.
Colour: black, white, grey

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MFiX FIX Építési ragasztó

MFiX Fix Építési is a one-component mounting adhesive based on synthetic rubber in organic solvents. It is a universal product with broad application, that creates flexible and colourless joint. It is used for various assembly and finishing works in construction.

Colour: transparent

Technical data:

  • Yield: 150-300 g/m²
  • Open time: 10-15 min

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T-Pren Uni

T-Pren Uni (Tradipren Universal EMFI) is a solvent based polychloroprene contact adhesive with synthetic resins in organic solvents.

Heat resistance: -40 ºC - +120 ºC

Areas of application: it is used for bonding metal foils or laminates on particle boards. It can also be used for bonding a lot of other materials such as some rubbers, some hard plastics, leather, hard PU or phenolic foam, etc. For difficult materials, it is necessary to make test beforhand.

Packaging: 250 ml, 750 ml, 5 L, 25 L

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Selsil Ninja MDF Instant Adhesive

Selsil Ninja MDF Instant Adhesive is a two component cyanoacrylate based adhesive with activator.

  • Provides high and fast adhesion
  • Suitable for montage and repair of wood parts
  • Non-sag and efficient on vertical surfaces
  • Effective adhesion even on rough surfaces
  • Good adherence on non-absorbable surfaces
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Selsil Dual Valve

Selfoam Dual Valve is polyurethane based, moisture cured, one component filling and insulation material. It has a special valve design that provides advantages.
  • Multi-directional valve - 360° application
  • Higher yield
  • Special valve - suitable pipette for valve
  • Easy application even in difficult application areas
  • Two function in one can
  • One-component
  • Moisture cured
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials such as wood, concrete, tile, metal and aluminium (except polyethylene, silicone and teflon)
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Cuttable and paintable after curing
  • Ver good expansion capacity

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Zettex X30 Contact Adhesive Spray

Zettex Spraybond X30 is a very high quality heat resistant contact adhesive for gluing EPDM, rubber, TPO, HPL, wood and all types of synthetics (except PE and PP).

• Extremely powerful,
• Heat resistant,
• Fast drying,
• For universal use
• Ready to use,
• DCM free.

Material: SBR rubber 

Areas of application:
For gluing all types of EPDM (American and European) and almost all types of roof covering, on all surfaces. Zettex X30 has various test certificates and has been approved under the new standards of the ATG and the EU directive on surface adhesives.

Aerosol 500 ml
Canister 17 L

Colour: amber

Shelf life: 24 months

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Zettex Citronel Cleaner

Citronel Cleaner is a powerful solvent degreaser based on a naturally derived Citrus Terpenes and hydrocarbon solvent. It can be used on any metallic substrate, for the removal of greases, oils, bitumen and tar stains, waxes, etc. This product is also suitable for spot removal use on concretes, and on many plastics and paintes surfaces subject to succesful assessment on an inconspicuous area. Don't use it on asphalt surfaces.

Shelf life: 24 months

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Sabatack 780®

Sabatack® 780 is a stable one-component, air moisture-curing, MS polymer-based adhesive and sealant. Its primary use is the flexible bonding of frames, profiles, plates etc. with high green strength (high viscosity) and high end strength. It can also be used for sealing seams, overlaps and joints.

Product benefits:

  • open time approx. 10 minutes
  • tensile strength (Fmax) approx. 3.6 N/mm²
  • hardness Shore A approx. 55
  • elongation at break approx. 240%
  • broad bonding spectrum
  • contains no solvents, isocyanates or silicones
  • available in multiple colours and packaging units
Certificates and test reports:
  • Wheelmark
  • ISEGA (related to HACCP)
  • DNV GL
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Sabaspray FR AV

Sabaspray FR AV is primarily used in the production of automotive seating, for the upholstery of vehicle interiors, in the production of work tops and for applications in the insulation industry. This product is excellently suited for the bonding of flexible and rigid covering materials such as leather, textiles, stainless steel, polypropylene, etc.

Product benefits: 

  • Extremely good resistance to ageing 
  • Extra reliability thanks to its high temperature resistance
  • Excellently suited for bonds under high stress
  • Exceptionally good contact ability provides extra ease of use

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